Fine Art

“It doesn't matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said.”
-Jackson Pollock

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Fine Art

We work hard to make sure artists in our area have all the supplies they need to be creative. Below is our list of products we permanently carry in the store. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, give us a call and we'll see if we can help you out by ordering it or suggesting an alternative.

  • Staedtler graphite pencils (individually and in sets)
  • Staedtler water colour pencils
    (individually and in sets)
  • Prismacolor premier coloured pencils
    (individually and in sets)
  • graphite sticks
  • grease pencils
  • erasers (white, gum and kneadable)
  • smudgers
  • pigma microns
  • Staedtler pigment liners
  • Staedtler lumocolor markers
  • Staedtler mars duographic 3000
  • the full line of TRIA markers
  • Sharpies
  • paint markers
  • Staedtler gel pens
  • Holbein artist's quality soft pastels
    (individually and in sets)
  • Holbein academic oil pastels
    (individually and in sets)
  • Pan Pastels
  • charcoal pencils
  • compressed charcoal
  • willow charcoal
Watercolour Paint
  • Winsor & Newton artist's quality tubes
    (individually and in sets)
  • Holbein artist's quality tubes
    (individually and in sets)
  • Cotman (individually and in sets)
  • non-toxic tempera for young artists
Acrylic Paint
  • liquitex (individually and in sets)
  • Golden (individually only)
  • Open Golden (individually and in sets)
  • Galleria (individually and in sets)
Oil Paint
  • Holbein artist's quality (individually and in sets)
  • W & N Winton (individually and in sets)
  • Holbein ecolse
Artist's Mediums
  • full line of liquitex mediums in various sizes
  • gesso – white and clear in various sizes
  • turpentine and odourless solvent
  • linseed oil
  • liquin
  • artist's varnish
  • stand oil
  • artist's picture cleaner
  • Dammar varnish
  • artist's retouching varnish
  • gum arabic
  • masking fluid
  • wide selection of brushes (from entry Level
    brushes, up to Series 7 Kolinsky sable brushes)
  • brush sets
  • bamboo brushes for Chinese calligraphy
  • Mack brushes (originally for pinstriping, but a
    great artist's tool as well)
  • brush cases
  • brush washers
  • brush cleaners
  • pen holders and nibs
  • various calligraphy markers
  • specialty calligraphy papers (parchment in pads and large sheets)
  • rice paper rolls
  • Speedball India ink
  • Speedball coloured acrylic inks
  • Spedball calligraphy sets
  • W & N spray varnish (matte, satin and gloss)
  • W & N workable fixative
  • Krylon workable fixative
  • Krylon matte finish
  • Krylon low odour clear matte
  • Krylon crystal clear
  • Krylon low odour clear gloss
  • Krylon Kamar Varnish
  • Krylon Dulling Spray
  • Krylon spray adhesive
  • Krylon Easy Tack
  • 3M Super 77 spray adhesive
  • Krylon and 3M spray adhesives
  • Best Test rubber cement
  • Bestine solvent and thinner (for stamp collectors)
  • masking tape (various widths)
  • blue low tack masking tape
  • Scotch mounting tape
  • various double sided tapes
  • removable tapes
  • watercolour tape
  • 3M Super 77 spray adhesive
  • Olfa and X-acto
  • Logan mat cutters
  • blades
  • self-healing mats
Screen Printing
  • framed screens
  • screen printing fabric
  • fabric screen printing inks
  • screen printing kits
  • squeegies
  • Speedball Diazo Photo emulsion kits
  • screen cleaner
  • frisket film
Block Printing
  • block printing sets
  • block printing inks
  • brayers
  • lino blocks (mounted and unmounted)
  • speedy cuts
  • lino cutters (handles, blades and sets)
  • large selection of easels
  • sketching boards
  • huge selection of specialty papers
  • letraset instant lettering
  • mannekins (people and hands)
  • presentation cases
  • portfolios (Itoya and Schrapnel)
  • gold leaf
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